“Causes” Online Fundraising Campaigns

Over the last little while we have noticed a trend in donations–you like donating to be convenient and easy…who doesn’t?  We now cater to this on Facebook through Network for Good’s “Causes” initiative.

In a mere two months, with the help of a few winter birthdays (Christmas, Ashley’s birthday, Kris’s birthday), we have raised over $2000US simply by reaching out and making “Birthday Wishes” to our Facebook friends.  This goes a long way in developing our programs.

Online fundraising is easy to set up and it’s effective…especially for the amount of work that (doesn’t) goes into it.  Please keep us in mind as your birthday approaches this year, and help us spread to different networks while pushing our innovations for positive change.

Instructions to set up your Birthday Wish:

Once your part of the Cause, and on the PROViDE cause page (it will also say Coalition for Haitian-American Empowerment who is our Fiscal Sponsor) click on the “Wishes” tab at the top of the screen. There are 5 easy steps:

1. Choose “Birthday Wish” (or any other event you would like to make a wish for in our name) from the drop down menu and then click on “Create a Wish”

2. At this screen you will plug-in the date of your birthday (not sure if you have to put the year here but don’t be shy, age is only a number, it’s spirit that counts) and press CONTINUE

3. Type in PROViDE in the search bar. Here PROViDE should show up, contact me if it doesn’t. If it does then click on PROViDE and press CONTINUE

4. Select suggested donation amount and overall amount you want to raise (we have projects ongoing so this can be up to you based on what yer comfortable with) I used my age as the suggested donation and added two zeroes to the end of my age for the total. Fill this out and press CONTINUE

5. Fill in the blanks of the Causes Birthday Wish Template Letter (there’s a cheat sheet on this page if you need OR you can visit www.provide4life.org OR email me for info)

press ALL DONE.