artwork by Jezzy

As you are all aware, on January 12, 2010 a 7.0magnitude earthquake obliterated parts of Haiti, a vulnerable country already facing great hardships caused by years of exploitation that has led to perpetual poverty among most of the population. That 35 seconds affected Haitians from all economic statuses, from the poorest farmers to rich politicians.  As some of you probably witnessed, even the nation’s capitol building, the palace, was destroyed.

Immediately following the earthquake there was a huge response from the global community.  International governments, multinational factions like the UN, along with innumerable nongovernmental organizations and individuals came together to provide very important short-term relief such as emergency healthcare, temporary shelter, and food boxes, to these devastated folks.  Know that, unlike our nation, the Haitian government does not have the capacity to respond to disasters of this magnitude.

Now that much of the short-term, temporary relief has subsided it is time to begin the long climb that will provide Haiti with solutions to sustainably combat their ongoing issues of food security, economic wellbeing, lack of access to healthcare and education, as well as sturdy and affordable shelter.  As relatively privileged citizens of the Earth it is time to act in order to empower a population that has been historically marginalized.