Pierre Marie Fishing Village Needs Assessment, June 2010


PROViDE consulted Haitian led, Humanity for Haitian Development (H4HD). In June 2010 we conducted a needs assessment for H4HD with fishermen in Grand Goave who lost their respective sources of revenue–boats, fishing nets, lines, lures, and staff–in the earthquake.

The fishermen have impressive perseverance and have been eagerly rebuilding their livelihoods ever since.  Unfortunately, they do not have many resources to recoup equipment and materials lost in January 2010’s catastrophe.

PROViDE analyzed this situation and maintain confident that affordable solutions could be offered to these resilient folks through participatory investment and reusing/recycling materials, such as rubble and iron, collected locally from destroyed structures as well as rope made from refuse plastic that litters the country.  This dove-tailed solution would alleviate much of the rubble littering the streets while contributing to the long-term economic stimulus of local villagers.