WE’RE CURRENTLY PLANNING AN UNFORGETTABLE TRIP TO HAITI and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Take a look at our “Work, Play, Learn” Excursion, July 2013 itinerary from last year below.

A trip with us is one of the most intimate, safe and secure ways to experience the beauty of Haiti while lending a hand, and learning about a new place with new people.  Information sheets and Registration forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


There are always millions of things going on simultaneously at PROViDE.  Between coordinating events, program development, marketing, day-to-day operations, and infrastructural developments, our staff is spread thin.

Unfortunately, PROViDE cannot currently hire more staff to take some of these responsibilities and alleviate some of our stresses.

So, we reach out to you, our skilled and intelligent PROViDErs, to ask for help in making PROViDE as effective as possible in our post-disaster development work as well as here in the United States.

Below is a list of skills we are currently looking for in the United States as well as needed skills of people looking to volunteer in Haiti or Sri Lanka.

Without support from folks like you we would not be able to bring about positive change for and with disaster-affected people in developing nations.  Thank you!

Skills and Experience Needed

From the Comfort of Your Home (anywhere you have internet access and a phone)

International Programs

Marketing, Advertising, and Promotions:  planning and strategy, soliciting donations and sponsors, advertising (apparel, artwork, events), marketing events. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
Web Design: maintaining and enhancing current website with interactive links, etc. Alternative Construction Solutions
Event Coordination and Planning Business and Financial Planning
Grant and Technical Writing: organizational funding and project based funding. Education and TOEFL
Volunteer Coordination:  recruit, maintain, planning and coordination, management, relationship building Athletics
Accounting: Keeping our books straight. Community Development
Business Development and Strategic Planning           Social Entrepreneurship
Social Media and Networking: updating and maintaining our Facebook, jumo, idealist, etc sites to be attractive, informative, professional, PROViDE. Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

For more information on these exciting opportunities download an Information Sheet here and request a Volunteer Registration form from info@provide4life.org

We also have internship and independent study opportunities in Haiti, OR business development and non-profit management internship opportunities anywhere you have access to internet and telephone.  Join us!